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Jack Woodville London is an acclaimed author, historian, and trial attorney.

Honored as Author of the Year, MWSA 2011-2012, and winner, Indie Excellence Award, 2013, Jack Woodville London is the author of the award-winning French Letters fiction series.  His novels are praised for their meticulous historical research and ability to capture the language, attitudes, and moral culture of their setting in prose described by reviewers as ‘beautiful, but not pretentious.’

The World War II-era novel Virginia’s War was a Finalist for Best Novel of the South and the Dear Author ‘Novel with a Romantic Element’ contest. His ‘parallel-quel’ novel Engaged in War won the silver medal at the London Book Festival for General Fiction and the Silver prize in the Stars and Flags Historical Fiction competition.  It was the Book of the Month by both Good Reads and the Military Writers Society of America.

Jack’s fiction work in progress is Children of a Good War.

His non-fiction book on the craft of writing, A Novel Approach, is planned for publication in the summer of 2014.

He has published some thirty literary articles and fifty book reviews, all in addition to a lengthy career as a courtroom lawyer and a forty year writing career as the author of technical legal articles, beginning with his appointment as managing editor during law school of the University of Texas International Law Journal.

Jack shares his love of writing with presentations and lectures at writing conferences throughout the United States and abroad.  He has in the past presented at the Historical Novel Society Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida; Military Writers Society of America in Pittsburgh and in Dayton, Ohio; University of Texas, San Diego State, Stanford, Herriott-Watt University in Edinburg, Scotland, and University of Padua, Padua, Italy and at US DOD schools and Navy bases in Sicily, Naples, and Rota, Spain.

Jack is a reader as well as a writer.   His cheeky, much-loved series of book reviews, ‘On the Nightstand,’ is on this website.  Jack reviews the books we all read, from New York Times best sellers to under-the-radar releases and the classics and rates them based on how well they keep him awake — a 100 watt book is a real page-turner and a 20 watt book helps Jack sleep by conking him out pretty quickly.   Click on the the tab for On the Nightstand and find some great reads.

Jack grew up in small town Texas before earning degrees at the University of Texas and West Texas State University and earning certificates at the Fiction Academy, St. Céré, France and Ecole Francaise, Trois Ponts, France.   He is scheduled to study in the summer of 2014 at Oxford University, England, UK.   Jack lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Alice, and Junebug the writing cat.




Get in touch with us.  From his days as a U.S. Army quartermaster officer to the lectures he now gives, Jack has spent much of his life exploring a deep interest in World War II and its effects on the home front—particularly small towns. Born out of that deep interest is The Letter Project, on this website, a nationwide project to collect, dust off and showcase letters to and from veterans and their families. Learn more about this effort here.  If you or your family have letters from service men and women, written to or from home, from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afghanistan and any time in between, we’d be very proud to share them.

Jack loves to hear from veterans, their families, readers and others who have a question, comment or story to tell. If you have questions or other thoughts, please send Jack a message here.