The (very brief) War Diary of Bart Sullivan

The (very brief) War Diary of Bart Sullivan
147 Pages
Copyright 2017, Jack London

Bart Sullivan is the scoundrel who readers loved to hate in Virginia’s War; they cheered when the draft board hauled him away in the back of a car and shipped him off to the Navy.  But what happened next to this backstabbing black marketing coward?  I will only say that when I wrote him, I was inspired by Wiley Coyote and Theon Greyjoy….  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Jane Frederick: “have I told you lately how much I enjoy your writing? I took advantage of you generous offer to download your novella “The (very brief) War Diary of Bart Sullivan, Seaman Second Class” and I loved it, it was wonderful. It was such an interesting premise with Bart ….”

Dan Witt: “What a great story! Who could have imagined being dead and seeing the future? Very, very clever.

Jim Greenwaid: “An espresso of emotions on steroids that, like a double mocha latte, will keep you awake at night, a full tilt feeding for your monkey of addiction on words”