What is The Letter Project?



Does your family have a stack of letters to or from a relative that fought in World War II or perhaps even the current wars in Iraq or Afghanistan?
We hope you will share them with the public as part of The Letter Project.

What is The Letter Project?
It is a campaign to collect and showcase letters sent to and from US war veterans of all conflicts, started by veteran, author and World War II historian Jack Woodville London.

From the Civil War to World War II to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, if you have war letters that you are willing to share with others, we want to make them available to the public online.

How can you participate?
Follow this link and submit a high quality scan of the letter(s) you would like to share (if you don’t have a scanner, you can do so at Kinko’s). Once you have scanned the letter, please simply upload your letter and tell us a bit more about your story.

After you have uploaded your letter, feel free to browse and comment on other letters or even invite friends and family to view and comment on your story.

What is the goal of The Letter Project?
The goal is to shine a light on the stories and sacrifices of soldiers and their families by making more war letters readily available to the public online.

Who can I contact to learn more?
If you have questions about how to share a letter or get involved with The Letter Project, please contact us.

Jack loves to hear from veterans, their families, readers and others who have a question, comment or story to tell. If you have questions or other thoughts, please send Jack a message here.