Starting Your Novel: Little Things That Make a Big Difference

You have the story in your head. You’ve overcome the time / space conundrum so that you’re alone with your word processor at your kitchen table or, better yet, in your study. Now, all that’s left is to get started … Continue reading

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Take Your Writing Seriously

“What I find hard about writing,” Nora Ephron said, “is the writing.” There’s a difference between writing and typing. Writers produce. Typists reproduce. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Writers believe that a story worth telling is worth telling well. Writers … Continue reading

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4 Ideas for Ending Book Chapters So Readers Will Kill to Know What Happens Next

Good book chapters are like bad treasure maps. They will lure you in. They will lead you through uncharted territory. Yet, at the end, they will not yield the treasure—they will just make you want to continue the search. What … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction? How Novelists Can Blend Factual Research with Creative Storytelling

Readers who have some passing knowledge of literature might be startled when in reading The Three Musketeers they encounter a passage in which D’Artagnan refers to Gulliver’s Travels. The dilemma is that The Three Musketeers is set more than a hundred years before Jonathan Swift … Continue reading

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This day in 1918: The Battle for Saint-Etienne, France

The United States declared war on Germany on April 1, 1917. Germany had offered to return Texas and the other border states to Mexico if it would join the war on Germany’s side. Germany also announced that it would resume unrestricted … Continue reading

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Writing Your First Novel: Five Fundamentals for Your Path to the Pulitzer

Autumn is the season when word processors develop twitches in keyboards. Writers emerge from summers abroad, agents hunger for a new voice, publishers finally release the hidden gems that will save their industry. Book reviews burst with new titles and … Continue reading

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Jack Woodville London Talks About Learning to Write by Reading and Becoming an Instructor

By Judy Rose, Contributing Editor Jack Woodville London’s voice is that of a southern gentleman. Smooth. His life transitions appear to be equally smooth. For instance, his transition from writing legal briefs to creating fiction. At the memory, the longtime … Continue reading

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In Honor of Veterans on Three Fronts: 1918 — Year of Battle at Home and Abroad

Very few people today know anyone who was involved in World War I.  Fewer still have heard of the French hamlet of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, rarely mentioned by name in headlines in a season in which the recapture of St. Quentin and … Continue reading

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Your Voice

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Authors (and readers) — What should be done with the bodies? ‘S’ or ‘S apostrophe’

The Corps of Engineers has a law enforcement section. While cleaning some right of way for a new project, they had to remove a small grove of trees and, unfortunately, they discovered a cemetery that was not marked on any … Continue reading

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