A Novel Approach: To Writing Your First Novel, or Your Best One


I wrote this short book on the craft of writing to help budding authors with their first books. It won the 2015 E-Lit Gold Medal for books on how to write books. It is short, light-hearted, and I’m very proud to say it has helped a lot of authors complete their first book.


French Letters Series

These novels have been praised for their meticulous research and ability to capture the language, attitudes, and moral culture of their 1940’s setting, written in prose that reviewers describe as beautiful and not pretentious, stories that are riveting and real.

Book One: French Letters: Virginia’s War

French Letters: Virginia’s War is a poignant novel that received uncommon critical acclaim, being named a finalist for “Best Novel of the South,” an award given by the Anderson Foundation in honor of Willie Morris and a finalist for the Military Writers Society of America award for Best Historical Novel of the Year.


Awards and Recognition for Virginia’s War

  • #1 in War Fiction on Amazon Kindle
  • #8 in Historical Fiction on Amazon Kindle
  • 2011 Honorable Mention – Fiction from the London Book Fair
  • Spent several weeks on the Austin American-Statesman bestseller list
  • 2009 Finalist for the Military Writers’ Society of America’s Best Historical Novel of the Year
  • 2009 Finalist for the Williams Foundation’s Willie Morris Best Novel of the South
  • 2010 Finalist for Dear Author’s Best Novel with a Romantic Element
  • French Letters: Virginia’s War was featured in the Amarillo Globe-News, Texas Bar Journal, and London has been a guest on “Great Day SA,” the morning news shows on KFDA-TV and KVII-TV, out of Amarillo, Texas, and News 8 Austin

Book Two: French Letters: Engaged in War

French Letters: Engaged in War is the second volume in the French Letters trilogy. The companion to French Letters: Virginia’s War, it is the story of Will Hastings, an army doctor caught up in the D-Day landings in Normandy and the drive to capture St. Lo, France.


Awards and Recognition for Engaged in War

  • 2011-2012 Military Writers Society of America’s Author of the Year
  • 2011 Honorable Mention – Fiction from the London Book Fair
  • 2012 Silver medal in Historical Fiction from the Stars and Flags Book Awards Program

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