Book 1 of 3: Virginia’s War

French Letters: Virginia’s War is a poignant novel that earned uncommon critical acclaim, being named a finalist for “Best Novel of the South,” an award given by the Anderson Foundation in honor of Willie Morris and a finalist for the Military Writers Society of America award for Best Historical...


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With Virginia’s War, Jack London paints a vivid and poignant portrait of life on the home front during World War II in the small town of Tierra, Texas. Starting with a compelling prologue, Mr. London brings the town of Tierra and its residents to life, drawing us into the plight of Virginia Sullivan and the repercussions of her unexpected pregnancy. The novel is smartly written and engaging, with an uncommon human touch and resonance that stands out and makes the book a first-class read."


The prologue of VIRGINIA’S WAR grabbed my attention, and once the story is laid out for readers, it’s difficult not to read to the end! Everything comes to a head in an exciting, and somewhat surprising, conclusion. I’m looking forward to the continuation of the French Letters Trilogy. This is Mr. London’s debut novel, and it’s an excellent beginning!”


Book 2 of 3: Engaged in War

French Letters: Engaged in War is the second volume in the French Letters trilogy. The companion to French Letters: Virginia’s War, it is the story of Will Hastings, an army doctor caught up in the D-Day landings in Normandy and the drive to capture St. Lo, France. Isolated from...


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Jack London has done an excellent job in following Virginia's War. This second installment in the trilogy follows Will Hastings through his service in France. It ties Will back to his small Texas hometown and carries forward the story told in Virginia's War very well. The author has done a great job in researching this novel and truly brings the story to life. I very much look forward to the third installment of French Letters!


Jack London really understands small town life, and has done an incredible amount of research so he could add details to make this story come to life. Waiting for the 3rd in the trilogy!”


Book 3 of 3: Children of a Good War

Some bombs lie buried for decades before they blow up and hurt someone. Now, forty years after World War II, one such bomb explodes in the form of a cache of faded wartime letters discovered in a cellar. Written from France by Dr. Will Hastings to Virginia Sullivan, they...


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Children of a Good War is like a giant puzzle you think you’ve solved, then find more unsettling pieces. Intelligent and engrossing, hard to put down, London’s best novel to date lingers in your thoughts long after you close it and turn out the lights.”

Author Joyce Faulkner, winner of the Howard-Johnson Prize for Historical Fiction

A Novel Approach: To Writing Your First Novel, or Your Best One

Characters. Conflict. Dialogue. Story arc. Editing. You can do this! In many respects it’s like building a home or raising a child, efforts of love and patience that are hard enough in their own right but almost impossible without a blueprint or the example of some devoted predecessors to...


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I am only sorry I cannot give this a higher than five star! While writing three articles for publication I got stuck on correct grammar and for composition of paragraphs and sentences but after rereading Mr. London's chapters on those two topics I was able to complete the articles and submit them for publication. I am sure I will use the book again and again not only in writing more articles but also in writing my fourth book! I wish I had this book when writing my first three books and my blogs! As a new author I find this book so helpful. Sometimes I get stuck on something that at first seems simple but in reality is not. Because high school and college were both such a long time ago I forget a lot of things, especially good grammar. A Novel Approach helps me with such important things. I will recommend this book to as many people as possible even if they are not published authors because it's handy to have for simply composing letters and emails."

Denise Boulet

I've written and published four books and working on a fifth (book). I WISH I'D RUN ACROSS THIS BOOK A LONG, LONG TIME AGO! Jack's understanding of writing, his easy manner of sharing his knowledge, and the value of his creative writing insights is worth much more than the low cost of his book. Many of the tips and explanations I'd discovered on my own (but his book explained to me how and why I'd learned them. Many more of his tips were new news and greatly appreciated. I tried some of his recommendations by rewriting the first chapter of my current book - - and it came out a much better piece of work!! YOU WILL NOT be sorry if you read and heed what's inside "A NOVEL APPROACH"

Brian Utermahlen

It has taken until the Easter Holiday for me to find time read anything I wanted to read. 'A Novel Approach' was just plain WONDERFUL, VALUABLE and ENJOYABLE. Because several of our law firm attorneys write and publish non fiction legal texts- mostly as a marketing device to make our clients think we know something- I have read many books about writing books, mostly about writing and publishing non fiction books. Those books were useful and dull and passive. I didn't know why I didn't enjoy reading those books; I just didn't. Mr. London's book is easy to read and understand . I think almost all of it is equally applicable to non fiction books. Especially...... dialogue! That is very powerful. So is using all action verbs. No more passivity!"

Laura S Fowler

Shades of the Deep Blue Sea

As their ship crosses the Pacific, headed to war in the Philippines, the bumbling Olafson looks for ways to kill Bart who is looking for ways to stay alive, all while the crew of the Renegade begins to believe that Bart might already have become a shade. But, the...


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The plot twists blew me out of the water. Narrowly avoiding burial at sea, born again Bart’s heart is in the right place but the avalanche of his military misdeeds can only be held back so long. A depth of great writing with a creative approach to character development.”

Robert Goswitz, author of The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune

Dead or Alive? London’s approach to this question thrusts the reader into their own vision of immortality and an immensely entertaining story of the life/death struggle of a character that dramatically makes you want to see his destiny.”

Dan Witt, author of Marsh Musings for the Great Bend Tribune in Great Bend Kansas

… an intriguing nautical adventure as well as a ripping good historical fiction complete with typhoons, spirits, and cannibals.”

Mark Bowlin, author of The Texas Gun Club novels