As we step out of ‘Virginia’s War’ and step into Engaged In War, we continue to follow the personal journey of Will Hastings. A Captain, a Doctor and a man torn to pieces emotionally over the death of his brother, his responsibility in saving lives, and haunting memories of isolation from family and friends before the war. Jack Woodville London delivers a compelling story of choices, conflict, and survival as we witness the powerfully moving and heartfelt life of Will Hastings that would light up a Movie screen. The colorful description of Normandy and its culture painted by the author is breathtaking as well as unforgettable characters as we become fascinated with the horrific impact of war on Will and society. Mr. London not only takes us to the battlefields of World War II, but also through the heart-wrenching constraints, restrictions, and tragedy. What happened to Will’s brother, and can Will fit the pieces to the puzzle? This thrilling novel with explosive action is as mesmerizing as ‘Virginia’s War’ and contains electrifying twists-and-turns page-after-page. “FRENCH LETTERS: Engaged In War” is as entertaining as GONE WITH THE WIND, as riveting as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and as heartwarming as FORREST GUMP.

Reviewed by Geraldine Ahearn

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