June 6:

I’ll be with Rich Simpson on Our Echo Network Radio on D-Day.  Sandy Lawrence lined this up when it became known that Rich’s mother lives in Air Force Village on the edge of San Antonio. My dear friend, General Paul Myers, former Surgeon General of the Air  Force, lives in Air Force village.  He wrote a very kind jacket note for Engaged in War and appeared to speak at the book launch.



June 20-23:

I’ll be speaking at the Historical Novel Society annual convention in St. Petersburg (the one in Florida, not the one in Russia) on the subject of how to go about doing research for historical fiction.

June 22:

I will speak and sign at the Old Tampa Book Company in Tampa Florida from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.  It is the go – to independent book store in Tampa  – St. Pete and specializes in rare and used first editions.  I am really looking forward to the visit.


I hope to see you along the way.



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