Engaged in War

“French Letters: Engaged in War has to be the first WWII book I have read in a long time. This second novel in the trilogy by Jack Woodville London pretty much takes place in the French countryside during the attempted takeover of St. Lo. The main character is Will Hastings, a combat surgeon, who is not attached to any unit but is treating wounded men.

His brother is missing, presumed dead and Will is trying to find out what exactly happened to him. He is conflicted with his feelings for a woman (Virginia) back home and the growing love he has for a local French woman. The story goes back and forth between the battlefield and events and people left behind at home and people he meets along the way, locals and fellow soldiers. The book has all the elements of a well-researched story, with accurate historical details about one of the most devastating of wars. Not necessarily a “war” story but more on how the war affects people and the actions that they take that they would not normally take. In times of war, people do things they may not do otherwise and they find that they do what they need to in order to survive.

I did not read the first novel but I would recommend reading the first novel in the series,Virginia’s War then read this one. I did enjoy this book and look forward to the third one to see what happens.”

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