Jack Woodville London delivers a historical Masterpiece of war, politics, love, and betrayal. This engaging story takes place during World War II and as the war is raging, so is conflict and deception in a small town in Texas. The author brings us behind the scenes as drama becomes intense, hardships worsen, and scandals blossom. The residents of Tierra come to life as well as a picture-perfect portrait of Texas painted by the author. Evil begins to spread as much as cover-ups in this rousing tale of heroism, passion, and courage. How did Captain Will Hastings find out about Virginia Sullivan’s unexpected pregnancy, and does he continue to trust his hometown beauty? Does love begin to fade between Virginia and Will? This poignant story that’s made for the Big screen grabs the reader’s attention in the first chapter and is beautifully written with colorful characters. Mr. London portrays honor, loyalty, romance, and how devastation of war affects lives in this compelling novel that has you craving for more. “French Letters:Virginia’s War:Tierra, Texas 1944” is as impressive as BRAVEHEART, as intriguing as PURPLE HEARTS, and as entertaining as THE COURAGE TO LOVE. Highly Recommended to literary and historic lovers!

Reviewed by Geraldine Ahearn

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