My Goodness: Number One! Thank you very, very much.

Over the five day period surrounding Mothers’ Day 2012 my first novel, French Letters: Virginia’s War, rose to Number One on Amazon Kindle downloads in the category of war fiction, an astonishing compliment to an anti-war novel set on the home front of World War II in which the person whose fortunes and misfortunes are under the looking glass is a pregnant woman who may — or may not — be married to the father of the child she unexpectedly is expecting, a soldier away at the front.

Just as ‘My Goodness’ is that Virginia’s War rose to Number Eight in Amazon Kindle Historical Fiction.

Thank you very, very much for your support and encouragement. I sincerely hope you enjoy Virginia’s War and Virginia’s parallel story, Engaged in War, as much as I enjoyed writing them.


PS I am asked when the third book will be out? I am working on it every day. But, it won’t be out until it is good enough for you to read. Virginia deserves that much, and Will at least that much, and you deserve the very best I can do. I promise.