On my Nightstand

For the second time in a month, I found myself in London. Unfortunately, this was a working trip, with one evening with my friend Louis (of St. Sere’ fame) (or infamy) who took me to hear progressive jazz in the underground floor of a Pizza Express not a hundred yards from the pocket park square commemorating the foppish son of the only English king to be beheaded. My only other vice was my addiction to Hatchard’s Book Store. I can’t start what I bought until I finish what’s on my nightstand…. Here we go:
1. Porcelain Steel, by Donna McAleer
2. Out of the Mist, (manuscript) by Mike Mullins
3. A History of Britain: 1780 – 1965 Simon Schama
4. The Vintage Caper, Pe…ter Mayle
…5. Monsieur Montespan, Jean Teule
6. Boss Dog and Among Friends, MFK Fisher