Simply Dawn

“Engaged in War is the story of Will Hastings, a young Army doctor from Tierra, Texas, who arrives in Normandy amidst the D-Day landings and soon finds himself walking a moral tightrope between saving lives and a growing urge to avenge the death of his brother, his friends and the loss of control over his life. Isolated and unaware of troubles brewing back home, his story unfolds first in the make-shift field surgery and then on the battlefield, where he is wounded and then ordered to leave the field hospital and give testimony in a military court martial. One misstep in his account could lead to the death penalty for his best friend or the prosecution of the country girl who saved his life.

I enjoyed reading this story, but could have done without so much cussing, even though it does lend authenticity to the characters of the time. This is the second book in a trilogy that are written as paralleloquels – each book is the same timeline, just told from the vantage point of a different character (learning new stuff here).

From the landing at Normandy and the betrayal by the CO to the front line fighting and quiet moments in the war torn French countryside, another story I lost sleep over – just was too good to put down. The front line excitement kept me riveted while the underlying personal interests relieved some of the tension and all the time had me trying to figure out…who is that guy really?

Anyhow, I liked the story, didn’t need the cussing and to be honest when it got to the sex part, I didn’t read it, but it seemed to be short lived and not a huge amount of detail, so if you are looking for smut, go elsewhere.

If you give it a read, let me know your thoughts!”

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