French Letters Virginia’s War is a fascinating glimpse into WWII on the home front. Set in the small West Texas town of Tierra in 1944, the book details what life was like for non-combatants in the dusty backwaters of America during WWII. There are schemers, bootleggers, corrupt politicos, and black marketeers aplenty. While hometown skirmishes are taking place, their sons are across oceans fighting skirmishes of their own. Infrequent and often inaccurate or incomplete letters are the ties that bind the vividly developed characters to each other. The errant activities of both contingents are caused by “the War” and their fragmented understanding of each other. As an anguished reader you will be constantly turning pages to find out what happens next.

The characters are all impacted in various ways by the loss of friends and loved ones to the war effort, the rationing, the hardships placed on those left in the town and the few luxuries enjoyed by those who take advantage. It is an interesting read that holds your attention and makes you want to know more about Virginia and her personal war.

The author, Jack Woodville London provides a wonderful read about an amazing chapter in history that has affected us all and continues to influence the world of today. It is a detailed case history of how humans interact and how little they actually communicate.

Reviewer: Nancy Pendleton for

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